EYFS Characteristics of Effective Learning A3 Poster

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EYFS Characteristic of Effective Learning A3 Poster detailing the aspects of each characteristic and ways in which adults can support and observe children with these to support their next steps.
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Characteristics of Effective Learning are one of the most difficult things for practitioners to remember – we know this as we often ask ours to recall them and, for the most part, they remember about half of them. So, in order to support their knowledge and understanding of the Characteristics we have professionally designed and printed a full set of these and added in some useful hints and tips in ways in which adults can support these and what they can observe.

The A3 poster is ideal for placing on display boards for parent or close to activities as a prompt for practitioners to plan and observing learning in these areas.

Characteristics of Effective Learning PosterEach poster details all characteristics together with the statements from the EYFS. In addition to this ways in which adults can provide for and support each characteristic through creating the right environment or just simply giving children time to pursue activities.

Observing is often difficult also so we have included what to observe in each characteristic and this can feed into children’s learning journals and ensuring practitioners are considering the characteristics within children’s next steps by creating the right opportunities for them to experience these areas.

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