Covid-19 Positive Test Fees Policy


Be prepared with your own policy on what to do about fees when you have a positive Covid-19 test in your setting. This template provides you with a great starting point to create your own.
Downloads as a word document for you to amend as you choose.


With the relaxation of lockdown measures then it can be expected that we will see more and more positive covid-19 tests in both children and staff members. We’ve thought about what we might need to do in respect to charging fees to parents and have come up with a working template for your to model your own ethos onto.

Being prepared like this can save some questions from parents in what might be emotional times. We have to expect that this will happen to many of us and so heving a policy, sharing it and laying out your expectations to parents will minimise uncertainty for everyone.

Downloads as a word document for you to amend as you wich.


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