Ofsted Preparation: Your SEF and more…

Our Ofsted Self Evaluation for early years product suite consists of a Folder and USB flash drive full of information. This containing all of the documents you would need for Ofsted self evaluation, creating an Outstanding self-evaluation and so much more… Writing your setting’s early years self evaluation formula (early years sef) is done as part of your preparation for your Ofsted Inspection.

The Ofsted inspection support documentation underpins your team in preparing for Ofsted Self Evaluation and the Ofsted Inspection Day.


Ofsted Self-Evaluation for early years: Creating a SEF

This is a unique Ofsted Preparation product that has been created by Victoria and Tricia in order to support Nursery Owners and Nursery Managers complete their Ofsted Self Evaluation by Creating a SEF (Self-Evaluation Formula). This is often seen as an arduous task, so we have written and designed something that will take the strain off you by providing all those useful hints and tips that you need in order to both ensure that you have included all of the pertinent points and reflected upon the very best aspects of your provision. Our example Self Evaluation Formats are Outstanding and will help you with your own self-evaluation in ensuring you have thought of everything.

With the support of this I was able to write my Self-Evaluation in no time. The Ofsted Inspector was impressed as she hadn’t seen it before
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Early Years SEF: Ofsted Self Evaluation and more…

early years sef Ofsted self evaluation Ofsted SEF for early years creating a SEFA full Contents List is included and not only do we provide you with a step by step guide for the Ofsted SEF for Early Years / Early Years SEF but we have included some bonus Ofsted Inspection support content in helping you prepare for the day of inspection. We examine how to prepare them for ‘The Phone Call’, consider just what CAN you do in half-a-day, and give example timetables for Inspection Day. Also, we include a range of practical Working Documents that will help you be organised and support you in preparing your team for the day, as well as feeding into your Self Evaluation Forms and keeping it updated.

If you want to see more about each individual document you can read our full Contents Booklet.

Ofsted Inspection support: Early Years Ofsted Self Evaluation

early years sef Ofsted self evaluation Ofsted SEF for early years creating a SEF Since our launch in October 2016 we have sold nearly 100 of these products. Our Annual Subscription is currently included for free until September 2018. We’ve already produced updates for our product. These include a section on the Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) and how to record and report that at inspection. Get yours while we still have them!

Which Early Years SEF package should you choose?

BRONZE: USB flash drive Only
SILVER: USB flash drive with Folder and Contents List and Dividers
GOLD: The ‘Full Monty’ contains USB flash drive, Folder, Contents List, Dividers and Printed Sheets.

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It takes away the worry of creating the SEF for the first time
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