Foundation Focus Managementff managementWe are passionate about ensuring that Managers, alongside owners, have all the tools and skills that they need in order to undertake their role. It can sometimes be a difficult step moving into Management. We want to ensure that you have the best possible opportunity to succeed.

Our programme aims to develop Managers in order that they have the knowledge they need in order to make the right decisions on behalf of the setting. We will work with them on personal and business skills in order to ensure this can happen.

Specifically, we can also help Managers stay abreast of new legislation, create focused improvement plans, and implement actions in all aspects of nursery management relating to the curriculum and operational matters.

Coaching Services

We also provide coaching services for nursery managers, who need support to raise standards in their practice to outstanding levels. Our coaches have extensive experience of leading outstanding settings. They are able to skilfully direct and focus attention on the areas where it is most needed.

Often, we are so busy dealing with the day-day requirements we face, we can become disconnected as a result. Our coaches can also work with your management team and staff together to create strategies and plans for future development. Working with you to get everyone focused and working towards the same goals.

Foundation Focus has four key areas of work which includes programmes to support Managers develop key Management skills. We have a range of Products, a variety of toolkits to support your own in-house staff Development. Finally we offer Consultancy across a variety of areas such as the EYFS curriculum, your environment. This including a full make-over, funding, business, out of school clubs or any specifics you need help with.