Funding Shortfall Toolkit

Funding Support - Get Ready for 30 hoursBased on the popular Funding the Gap Workshop delivered by Tricia through MBK Training this Funding Support Get Ready for 30 hours toolkit is designed to support you minimising the potential losses between funded hours and what you would ordinarily charge

If you have been struggling working out your Pricing Structure and 30 hour offer – look no further than this toolkit to solve your problems!

 What others have said… 
Light bulb moment of why I was losing money.
By changing my fee structure I will lose less money.
Really enjoyed the whole day. Very informative.
Giving me new ideas.
Amazing resources thank you!

Funding Support – Get Ready for 30 hours examines the gap between what we are paid for our funded hours and what we would ordinarily charge. It is a tried and tested toolkit that will support your sustainability in the coming years, which of course is an important part of running a successful business. The interpretation of the LA Statutory Guidance, Model Agreement and Operational Guidance 2017 causes much debate and discussion also. Our previous interpretations have also allowed us to pass LA Audits in three counties. We are confident that our new interpretation will do so also. Several LA’s have reviewed the new modelling and are also happy with it’s structure.

So in order to support more settings and those that do not have time to attend a workshop, we have developed a workshop that is aimed at day nursery owners, finance managers, pre-schools and playgroup treasurers who are accepting funded children for less than their usual fee.

This Funding Support – Get Ready for 30 hours Toolkit will enable you to:Funding Support – Get Ready for 30 hours

  • Be able to maximise your income for funded children
  • Create a structure to allow you to pass an LA Audit*
  • Minimise losses and also restrict what hours you lose money on
  • Provide you with all the knowledge as well as tools you need to implement in your setting

*Whilst this is still untested under the 30 hours once you have bought this toolkit then you will be kept updated with any LA requirements as they become known. LA Audits have also been passed using this method for 15 hours. 

This Funding Support product contains downloadable content which will be sent to you via email and also available when you are logged in on the website. The contents include:

  • Overview to Funding the Gap
  • Legislation round-up
  • Funding Losses Calculator
  • Example Prices Lists for Nurseries & Pre-schools
  • Funded Sessions tracker
  • Flexible Funding Parents Agreement
  • Admissions Policy & Waiting List
  • How the Funding Works – a Guide
  • Parents & 30 hours – a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Statutory Documents

The purchase of this product also entitles you to membership of the closed Facebook group Funding, Fees and Finance for Early Years.

You can purchase this Get Ready for 30 hours product direct from Our Shop.

You are welcome to use this product in one or more of your settings. This product may not be used for commercial purposes by others without the express permission of the owner, Foundation Focus Ltd.