Early Years Supervisions Guide

 early years supervision and appraisal Supervisions in the EYFS Supervisions in the EYFS or Effective Early Years supervision and appraisal have a positive impact on children within settings, so we should always be striving towards the best possible methods to undertake these. By effectively managing performance in Early Years and ensuring supervisions in Early Years training is embedded in our teams then we can improve the effectiveness of Early Years appraisals.

Our early years supervisions complete guide involves a whole team approach that relies heavily on everyone understanding the ethos of supervisions and working together to make sure that they are effective in improving the outcomes of children at your setting. To purchase our Early Years supervisions guide click here. To view all our Early Years products click here.

Our Early Years Supervisions Training…

For this to happen we need three things to come together:

supervisions in Early Years Early Years supervision and appraisal Early Years supervisions Early Years appraisals

We need you to ensure the first two are in place and this Supervisions in the EYFS – Early Years supervisions product will provide the third element you need, with its wide range of tools, to fully embed this effective and efficient strategy into your setting. As a process this could take you anywhere from 3 months to a year, depending on the size of your setting and how significant any change is from your existing method. It is important that the process isn’t rushed, and we recommend reading and working through the whole product and developing a solid action plan for implementation, rather than selecting only some of the sections, which may lead to only partial success.

Supervisions in Early Years: Early Years Appraisals

The Supervisions Overview section provides the background to undertaking Early Years supervisions and a complete overview to the product itself. This is followed by the Supervision Strategy section which looks at the preparation needed for both the supervisor and supervisee prior to the supervision. It includes an outline policy, which can be adapted to suit your early years appraisals requirements.

Early Years supervision and appraisal: Supervisions in the EYFS

We’ve included all the resources you need to train all of your team in the Engaging your Team section. Comprehensive Trainer notes and PowerPoint presentation alongside handouts for the team. And to complete the product we provide all the Supervision Paperwork you need to get you started with your Early Years Supervisions system, designed so that you can add your own paperwork in or just use those document that are relevant to your setting. By following our system you will be successful in doing early years supervision and appraisal also be managing performance in early years teams effectively as well.

Contents include:

  • Complete set of supervisions paperwork
  • Training resources for engaging your team
  • A comprehensive strategy and a guide to implementing it
  • Exemplar policies and procedures