Early Years Consultancy

consultancy-1Foundation Focus ConsultancyWhether you need help with your business, the curriculum, building your team or just another like-minded person to bounce ideas off, we can be there to help you with our Early Years Consultancy.

It is becoming more and more difficult, in the ever changing landscape that is Early Years. This is to ensure that you remain at the top of the game. This includes in meeting the requirements of the EYFS as well as the ever increasing demands of Ofsted at inspection time.

In addition to that, you need all the skills to run a business, a staff team as well as be an excellent practitioner with the children. Sometimes this can be overwhelming, we know as we’ve been doing it ourselves for the last 17 years! Occasionally it would just be nice to have someone to call on, to be a sounding board or to offer some practical help. That’s where our Early Years Consultancy can be of help to you. No job too small (or large) as the saying goes.


Consulting in Early Years

Our credentials speak for themselves, we have built our businesses from just one nursery and now operate five between us. During this time our ethos has been one of high quality care and education. We put an emphasis on developing our staff teams to their full potential. The Foundation Focus brand was created to support the Continued Professional Development of our Managers and staff. We  now offer these early years consulting services to others, including childminders and all settings delivering the EYFS.

Early Years Consultancy consulting in early years Ofsted Inspections have become more rigorous since the new Common Inspection Framework started in September 2015. Your teams are key to this success and their ongoing development. They must be maintained at every level, including preparing them for what is to come. As experienced consultants, we will help you and them with that preparation. By building a long-term relationship with providers we can become an additional resource. We can be a source of support for achieving the best possible outcomes for your setting. This is as well as each individual child.


Early Years Consultancy

Our Early Years Consultancy will be sure to offer you a straightforward and honest opinion on matters we support you. We can help identify the areas that might need immediate attention and work quickly and efficiently to maximise your return. As experienced and active practitioners, we know and understand the issues that can challenge your time and your output. Your time is best spent inspiring and working with your teams and we can facilitate this for you. We are here to support you at any level from management issues to training an individual on a specific area.

Our Early Years Consultancy is supported by a skillset that includes Early Years Teachers, Business & Finance Management Expertise, Nursery Management and recent experience of Ofsted inspections.