Being School Ready – School Readiness Toolkit

The area of school readiness often mystifies practitioners and for some has become over-complicated, misunderstood and created unnecessary pressures. We have developed this getting ready for school product to be a useful resource for staff in settings and pre-schools in order to support their knowledge of the transition to school and understanding of the areas of school transition that matter the most.

We spoke to schools, settings and parents during the making of this product and have worked on aligning the expectations of each of these groups in order to ensure we are working on the right things in children’s pre-school years, before entering Reception. In order to allow children to build up their learning we should be mindful of, but not be trying to overachieve in the Early Learning Goals before their time. However, we can work on the life and social skills that often, are not present in abundance on starting school.

School Readiness: Getting ready for school

school transition School Readiness getting ready for school transition to school
This product offers specific advice and support on how to do this in a practical and realistic way. The product contains a range of Practitioner resources, as well as additional resources to support settings in talking to parents about their child’s preparedness for school. Ensuring as well they understand some of the differences between settings and schools.

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The full list of Being School Ready: School Readiness: Transition to School Product contents are:

school transition School Readiness getting ready for school transition to school

  • A set 9 Keycards with lanyard: These offer a range of support and practical tips in each of the key areas that are important for schools.
  • An A4 Laminated Practitioners Poster. A useful poster to keep on the wall that acts as a reminder of the key skills we are aiming to achieve. This also shows how we can plan these in during the year.
  • A USB full of resources – see contents list below

The USB contains:school transition School Readiness getting ready for school transition to school

  • PowerPoint Slideshow for Parents. This provides parents with the highlights of school readiness. It offers some of the benefits of staying within a setting rather than choosing a school nursery
  • Parents ‘To do at Home’ Information Sheet. This practical tips and activities sheet that can be emailed or printed and handed out to parents
  • Parents Frequently Asked Questions when considering the Pre-School Year
  • Key Skills for Practitioners, a useful CPD tool for practitioners to reflect on their own practice
  • Practitioners can use this Transitions Sheet in conjunction with schools to support children’s moving on
  • What to expect, when for Parents 30 – 50mts and 40 – 60mths